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New Design, Again

So, I've redesigned my blog for what has to be the 9th time.

At this point, I've used all of these different platforms, some of them even with multiple themes.

  • Wordpress
  • Gatsby
  • Ghost
  • Hugo
  • Next.js

My new design is very similar to the old one, with a few improvements

  • dark mode
  • better attention to typography
  • no useless menu (I have analytics; no one clicked on that). Really it's just about the content


Much of this new stuff is based on the work of others.

  • Lee Robinson's portfolio was very helpful. I'm not a very good frontend engineer, especially w.r.t. design and making things look good, so seeing things from his perspective was very helpful.
  • smalllikeart's icons. I love this designer's work. Particularly their boat icons.
  • Doing Josh Comeau's CSS course while rebuilding this helped a lot. CSS has always been the most difficult part of having a blog for me.